Barbeque Chicken Pizza
Your pizza is topped with premium grilled boneless chicken, crunchy fresh onions, bbq sauce & mozzarella
Carbonara Pasta
Sumptuos Pasta with creamy sauce made from eggs, cheese, garlic, turkey bacon & parmesan
Chicken Chow Mein
Traditional Chinese dish made with egg noodles and stir-fried veggies
Creamy chicken mushroom pasta
Delicious pasta in rich creamy mushroom sauce flavoured with garlic & parsley
Nasi Goreng
Indonesian style chicken fried rice with Wumi’s twist. Nasi goreng refers to “fried rice” in both the Indonesian and Malay languages
Parmessan Chicken Pesto Pasta
Perfectly cooked pene pasta in a delicious green home-made pesto dressing packed with basil, parmesan cheese and olive oil
Peperoni Pizza
Your pizza with the American variety of salami, peperoni with our homemade sauce and cheese
Pizza Carlifornia
Your pizza is topped with a mix of fresh vegetables and cheese
Pizza Magherita
A smooth home-made sauce over our pizza dough, with the back of a spoon, scattered with cheese and drizzled with olive oil and Italian herbs
Spagetti Bolognese
Enjoyable spagetti served with our classic beef sauce of minced beef, onions, carrots, cherry tomatoes, basil, tomato sauce, Italian herbs and topped with a grating of parmesan cheese
Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce
Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce is a classic Chinese dish made out of crispy deep fried battered Sheri fish served in a sweet and sour sauce mixed with vegetables with a side of steamed rice