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We only use the highest quality ingredients.
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Wumi’s History

Mrs Wumi Monehin

General Manager Operations / Executive Chef

Omowumi (Wumi) Monehin, an attorney at law and Co-Founder of WUMI’S, is a married mother of two discerning boys whose love for bread waned as the quality of what was available in the market declined following the 5th June 2017 unjust blockade of Qatar.
Bread is a family staple, back home in Africa, but it started disappearing from the breakfast menu as the boys didn’t like the taste of what was available after the blockade. More importantly, WUMI’S older son has a dietary requirement and often reacts to chemicals and preservatives.   With options from the stores thinning out, it became even more challenging for the caring mother.
Instead of complaining or feeling frustrated, she watched hundreds of YouTube videos on “How to make healthy bread at home”, and in September 2017, kicked off her baking experiment by providing her children with healthy, premium quality, preservative-free, chemical-free bread. She also made healthy pastry-based lunch packs for school.
Discussions with other parents at her children’s schools, “American School of Doha (ASD), and King’s College Doha (KCD), showed that many parents were in similar shoes. Within a few weeks, Wumi started receiving requests; a typical one was, “my family would be grateful if you can please bake an extra sausage roll for our children; we are happy to pay for it”. This encouraged her to continue to provide lunch packs for kids as well as a healthy pastry for family meals and family events.
As orders increased by word of mouth, from. Neighbors, family, and friends, an Instagram account, @wumi_s was created on the 26th of November 2017. Within a few months, she became overwhelmed with orders – her kitchen was too small; the market clearly desired better quality bakes. Soon, leading coffee shops in Doha and AL Khor started reaching out to her for bakes supply contracts (sandwiches, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, other finger foods, and sweets).
A customer once commented that “the blockade is actually a good thing as it has birthed this magic for the benefit of the country, Qatar”
WUMI’S is committed to making Qatar self-sustaining and therefore uses100% input from within the country.
WUMI’S is proudly made in Qatar firmly aligns with pillar one (Economic Development) of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030. WUMI’S input are still all-natural ingredients with zero chemicals or preservatives.
WUMI’S is part of the “Doha Bistro Group” and houses a bakery, a bistro, a coffee shop, and also provides a Barbeque & catering service. It is located in Fereej Al Soudan and has an outlet in Abu Hammour, both in the metropolitan Doha.
WUMI’S is in the pre-soft opening phase but welcomes on-line booking and take-out (except for Samrya Gardens residents who may dine-in during this phase)
WUMI’S will continue to supply her savory products to leading coffee shops as well as hotels, restaurants, events, hypermarkets, and corporate organizations

Our premium bakes are inspired by the popular Nigerian Agege Bread, also fondly called sweet bread, pandesal, coco bread & pão de queijo all over the world. Our African-Asian dough base is subjected to the unmatched French baking process resulting in the most unique bakes. All of our products are free from chemicals, preservatives additives, and made fresh daily.